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Michelle S. 

Lauren is an absolute pleasure to work with! I hired her to design my new living room and dining room. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the process by being very responsive and organized. Having her help took off A LOT of the stress that comes with moving into a new home. She took care of everything from selecting furniture/decor options to managing the product orders.. Not to mention her assistance in setting up and assembling everything! Very much appreciated how hands on and accommodating she was.. Hiring a designer who I could rely on throughout this project was essential. I highly recommend Lauren if you need any interior design work done!


My name is Pamela and I am a 58 year old law professor. Lauren has been my fashion consultant for approximately two years. Initially, Lauren and I reviewed my closet and selected those pieces which would remain as the foundation of my wardrobe and discarded the many pieces that either did not fit me or which I no longer wore. Then, Lauren shopped several stores in Broadway Plaza and picked out lots of combinations of clothing and accessories for me to try on. We then spent the day together in the shopping center selecting a range of pieces to compliment my existing wardrobe. It was a pleasure to shop with Lauren because she had carefully pre-selected things that worked together, including accessories, which saved me the time, and the stress, of going through racks and racks of things in a number of stores. At the end of the day, I had a well-rounded wardrobe, including jewelry, scarves, jackets, pants, skirts, shoes and special occasion items. Now, I consult with Lauren every eight to twelve weeks to refresh my wardrobe. Additionally, I consult with her when I need help selecting an outfit for a particular event. Since I have been working with Lauren, I no longer dread going into my closet to find an outfit. Everything I have fits properly, is well accessorized and appropriate for my lifestyle. Lauren is a true professional with a sensational fashion sense and a genuine concern for her clients.

It’s not just a change in clothes, it’s a change in attitude!

I recently spent my first day of shopping with stylist Lauren Levin, of Lauren Levin Style Consulting. I wanted to make some stylish updates to my wardrobe as a result of a change of careers. Initially, Lauren contacted me with questions about my goals in working with a stylist, my budget and many other considerations. It was fun to explore the possibilities with Lauren. She was then able to work efficiently with me when we actually started shopping. We got a tremendous amount accomplished in a short period of time. In fact, we got all the basics from shoes to blazers, plus accessories for my new wardrobe! I can even use many of my favorite clothes interchangeably with my new purchases.

In a single afternoon we purchased four pairs of slacks, shoes, boots, 2 dresses, 4 sweaters, 2 blouses, 4 boyfriend blazers, plus accessories. More importantly, the purchases were all so stylish, yet completely comfortable and perfect for my lifestyle. We also stayed within my budget! I now have a more edited vision about my wardrobe: In fact, I am now rethinking my entire closet.

Moreover, Lauren was cognizant of my goals and she is very patient. I tried on so many clothes and she made sure I loved the purchases I made. There was nothing haphazard about the afternoon: Lauren had done her research before we went shopping together. It was really a remarkable experience! It is evident that Lauren loves and understands fashion. She also genuinely concerned about her clients.

I would highly recommend working with a stylist like Lauren Levin. In fact, I think working with Lauren would be a great present for a special person in your life. It really is the ultimate in luxury and actually is very affordable. I know it would not have been possible to stay within my budget if I tried to buy all these clothes on my own. Now I can reach into my closet and always find something perfect to wear. When you have that “just right” outfit, your confidence soars.

Before this experience I thought I had a good idea of my own style, but I wanted to explore some changes. I will continue to work with Lauren because she is so talented. It is amazing what perspective a professional stylist can give you about your own shopping habits! Fashion has become fun again! Whether you are an obsessed “fashionista” or making a change for a fresh perspective, I recommend working with a stylist like Lauren Levin. Stylists are not just for rock stars, even though that’s exactly how I felt spending an afternoon with Lauren Levin.

Newly Found Confidence

I found out about Lauren’s styling consulting talents through a close friend of mine. I was looking to update my wardrobe due to my recent weight loss. I was hesitant at first about using a stylist but Lauren made me feel so comfortable. I told Lauren I wanted to feel confident in what I was wearing, up to date with latest styles and trends, and wear clothes that fit my new body. She listened to me and completely satisfied everything that I requested.

We went to the stores together and she educated me about which clothes would suit me best. My favorite clothes are items that I would have never picked for myself, but I am so happy I own them now! Lauren was up to date with all the new styles and looks. She was knowledgeable about every retailer we went to and about the fashion world in general. Overall, we picked jeans, shorts, t-shirts, v–neck t -shirts and jackets.

Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She was eager to help with anything that I asked and any questions I had. I am so confident when I go out now because I know that my look is put together, up to date, and fits me perfectly. The amazing thing about Lauren is that she is always available to help. I have contacted her many times after we met to go shopping and most recently about an important job interview that I had. She has been a huge help and a tremendous asset to my newly found confidence!


Lauren saved me in a fashion pinch!
The night before my engagement party, I realized that the dry cleaner had shrunk the dress I planned to wear–a real fashion “pinch”!  I was away from home, so I didn’t have any backup outfits, and it was Saturday night so most of the stores were closed.  I immediately thought to call Lauren because I knew she would be the perfect person to help me. I only had a few hours to find a new dress, and Lauren really came through.  She talked to me about what I had been planning to wear and about my personal style so that she could do a targeted search for new options. She assured me that we would find the perfect dress. We moved through two department stores in record time, with Lauren scouring the racks and bringing me dozens of excellent choices. She knew which dresses would fit me well, what colors would look best with my skin tone, and what would be appropriate for my engagement party.  In the end, I bought three dresses I absolutely loved!  We even had time for Lauren to find me the perfect pair of stylish, versatile pumps to go with all of my new purchases.  After we were done shopping, even though it was already late at night, Lauren took the time to help me accessorize the dress I chose for the party and make sure I was completely happy and comfortable with my outfit for this special event.  If you’re ever in a real fashion emergency, Lauren is your go-to stylist. I could not have endured this crisis without her help!  I can’t imagine how many amazing new items Lauren could help me find if we had more than a few hours to shop together, but I plan to find out by hiring her for Personal Wardrobe Shopping trip–I can’t wait!